The most precious spice in the world is used to obtain a refined liqueur produced using only and exclusively saffron.

The union between saffron and cereal alcohol is MIDA, a golden yellow liqueur packed in elegant bottles: MIDA is produced using 100% pure saffron.

Once tasted, one is fascinated by the explosion of persistent and highly aromatic scents, a sensation equal to that experienced by the mythical King.

MIDA, tasted fresh, goes perfectly with all the Sardinian traditional desserts.

Zafferanelle candies

The Zafferanelle candies are born combining the Sardinian tradition with innovation and a bit of experimentation.

Saffron produced on the farm under the organic regime is sent for processing into organic certified hard candies.

All the virtues of the precious spice are in this way close at hand at any time of the day in convenient packages.

The Malloreddus and the Frègula: Whole-wheat pasta specialties

Dicoccum spelt is completely stone ground and given to an artisan pasta factory to make pasta in the typical Sardinian tradition: frègula and malloreddus.

The stone grinding preserves all the protein’s characteristics of the cereal, being an entirely cold grinding: the flour is not heated by the manufacturing process, therefore it preserves all the nutritional and organoleptic virtues, leaving a good antique perfume to the nose and, to the taste, the intensity of the cereal’s flavour.

The artisan processing of the pasta takes place with bronze drawing and slow drying, without forcing; this is always in order to guarantee a high quality product.

The taste is enhanced with white recipes, with simple sauces from our land of Sardinia but at the same time refined: with bacon and mushrooms or with bottarga and artichokes or simply with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.